Gastronomy in Andalusia

Food and wine, smell and taste… a culinary experience!


What is the origin of the famous Mediterranean diet?

We visit various bodegas and vineyards, we learn about the manufacturing process and taste their wines.

We also get to study the breeding of the Iberian pig and how to produce the world famous Serrano ham, and make a visit to a traditional andalusian bakery.

Olive oil is one of Spains’ symbols and Andalusia is the worlds’ biggest producer of this beautiful product. We make a visit to the mills and groves and learn about how the trees are grown and how the olives are wringed to extract its liquid gold.

Sevilla pa Svenska also organises cooking courses with prominent chefs with knowledge in both modern Spanish cuisine as well as in the more traditional cookery.
These courses turn to both professional chefs and food enthusiasts.

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