Prehistoric tour in Western Andalusia

A few millennia before the Romans arrived to the Iberian Peninsula, an astonishingly rich culture developed in what today is Western Andalusia and where there are still a number of buildings, graves and treasures. Why here? Well, not only tourists like the Mediterranean climate! When the land wasn’t as fertile, access to water and the mild climate were of vital importance. But what made the initial move? Gold! And there was plenty of it in the area but also copper, tin and other valuable metals for the newborn industry. This tempted even the Phoenicians and Greeks to this end of the world and with them history arrived. Later on, even Romans were interested and emperors like Traianus and Hadrianus were born in the outskirts of Seville. But that’s another story…

Today many dolmens are open to the public all over Andalusia and much information is accessible in museums and cultural centres.

You don’t need any special knowledge or specific interest in history to do the tour, just the desire and time to see something different!

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