Cycling in Seville – for your health and the environment

Despite some resistance when the bike lane was introduced, Seville is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world today. Appealing for its sunny weather and 160 km long bike lane throughout the metropolitan area, it is also said to be the safest city for cyclists in Spain and has influenced other cities around the country in adopting this alternative transportation system. Even if the Spaniards might prefer driving, it won’t stop us from cycling!

But you better look out! Strolling through the streets and admiring the buildings you might be interrupted by a “ding-ding” if you’ve wandered too close to the bike lane. Around Seville there is the ”carril bici” along the major roads and tourist areas.

If you are interested in hiring a bike, the public bike rental service SEVici is a good option. There are 2500 bikes to choose from and 250 Parking Stations spread out across the  city approximately every 300 metres, where you can take and return your bike. The bikes can be used 24/7 and the first 30 minutes are free. The only thing you have to do is fill out a form for a one year rental or go to any SEVici Station in the city for a week-long rental and pay a registration fee. A hot tip, if you’re more of the frugal type, is to switch bikes every 30 minutes in order to save money but waste time.

So put your helmet on (or don’t) and explore the capital of Andalusia!

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