The Bridges of Seville

The bridges of Seville might not be the first thing that crosses your mind when you think of the city, men they are and have been of great importance since the beginning. The river Guadalquivir that runs through Seville hasn't always followed the flow of its present course. During the Middle Ages it ran through … Continue reading The Bridges of Seville


Street Art in Seville

Seville isn't only studded with beautfiul buildings and astonishing monuments. The more alternative and modern Seville does exist, you might just have actively to seek it out. Much of the graffiti that can be spotted around town hasn't actually been painted illegally but by professional artists commissioned by the city council during the last few … Continue reading Street Art in Seville


You may have noticed the city shield NOȣDO, which may seem modern but is in fact very old. It has been the symbol for the city's logo since the 13th-century and is a hieroglyph with the letters N-O-D-O. During the 13th-century there was an uproar against the king of Seville. However, Seville remained faithful to him and in the … Continue reading NOȣDO