You may have noticed the city shield NOȣDO, which may seem modern but is in fact very old. It has been the symbol for the city’s logo since the 13th-century and is a hieroglyph with the letters N-O-D-O.

During the 13th-century there was an uproar against the king of Seville. However, Seville remained faithful to him and in the end he managed to regain control over the situation. The sign in the middle, which looks like an eight or infinity symbol (lemniscate), is actually a simplified skein. If you remove the skein from the shield then what remains is the word NODO, knot in Spanish, and it correlates with the bond between the king and the city. The word for skein in Spanish is madeja. Add the three together, speaking in the Sevillian rapid, elliptical accent, and you have no madeja do, or more correctly ´no me ha dejado´ which means ´it has not abandoned me´. The motto was the king’s reward to the people of Seville for their loyalty. Sevilla no madeja do.

It is therefore a very meaningful symbol and very old in terms of meaning but modern in looks. Nowadays you can spot it everywhere around the city; on buses, police cars, manhole covers, bins and so on.

So next time you’re gallivanting around the city, keep an eye out!

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