How to meet Sevillians

The typical features for a Spaniard are hospitable, talkative and proud of their culture. Therefore, having the possibility to get to know their culture, traditions and cities is a valuable thing. Once you get to know a Spanish person they’ll want to teach you everything they know about their city, then and now, and show you the best places to go. However, the initial contact can be proved difficult, especially if your Spanish knowledge isn’t up to date. But, nothing is impossible!

A good way to meet Spaniards is at language exchanges, or intercambios de idiomas. This is organised events, most often in bars, where you meet to talk and practise a new language. Many people in Spain have recently been forced to learn English, for work and studies, and so are interested in practising with natives. At these intercambios you will meet people of all ages and walks in life.

Another way to integrate with the local inhabitants is going for a beer at the bars where the locals hang out. It may seem intimidating to initiate contact since they mainly socialise in big groups as well as being rather loud and fiery. In Andalusia in particular, people speak fast and intensively. What makes it even harder is the Andalusian accent, which might be slighly different to what you have heard or studied before.

The accent spoken in Andalusia drops several different consonants so you better keep your ears peeled!

  • andaluz = andalu’
  • supermercado = supermerca’o
  • nada = na’
  • pescado = pecao

What’s also common for the Andalusian accent is switching the ‘r’ for an ‘l’. In Seville people might call you mi alma, which literally means ‘my soul’ and is the equivalent of ‘darling’ in English, but with their pronunciation it becomes mi arma. Funnily enough, ‘mi arma’ means ‘my weapon’.

A few interesting facts about the Sevillians:

  • They’ll almost never invite you to their house, normally they’ll meet out at a bar or café.
  • They don’t take their shoes off inside. The Spaniards believe that this will give you a cold.
  • The beer has to be ice cold and generally Cruzcampo since it originates from Seville and is both cheap and tasty.
  • Dinner is served at 22.00 (at the earliest)
  • Lunch is at 15.00, anything before that is too early.
  • Breakfast is at 10.30.
  • It’ll take them at least two hours to shower and get ready after they’ve had lunch or dinner.
  • The have the siesta normally in summer when it’s the hottest.
  • They support either Sevill or Betis in football. No one from Seville supports Madrid or Barcelona.

If you’re interested in more than just a holiday and to study Spanish  Sevilla pa Svenska can help you. Additionally, the Andalusian accent is perfect to learn as you’ll not only be able to understand all the other accents but also learn the correct grammar!

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