Street Art in Seville

Seville isn’t only studded with beautfiul buildings and astonishing monuments. The more alternative and modern Seville does exist, you might just have actively to seek it out.

Much of the graffiti that can be spotted around town hasn’t actually been painted illegally but by professional artists commissioned by the city council during the last few years. In fact, many of the murals are protected and can’t be painted over. Unfortunately, some amateur artists have still managed to make their marks on them.

In 2010, the project Arte Para Todos (Art For All) was launched in Seville and changed both the area and the views of the neighbourhood Polígono San Pablo, next to Santa Justa train station. Here you can find murals on the facades painted by 35 different international artists famous around the world and which connected the artists and the neighbours in the area. This initiative is still visible today and well worth a visit.

Another place worth going to for graffiti is the area around the bus station Plaza de Armas and the skate park. If you then follow along the Guadalquivir river, which is a nice walk in itself, there’s a chance to see more graffiti work on the walls. It’s actually the only place where it’s allowed to paint and hence is in constant evolution. A good mixture of nature and urbanisation.

If you want to find out more about art galleries and museums you can find a list here or simply contact us!

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