Market halls and Markets

Now that the vegetable prises haven risen due to the cold here in the south perhaps it’s time to pack your suitcase and come taste the delicacies on-the-spot? We have both lettuce in abundance and culinary adventures. Truth be told, it’s not even that cold, more like a nice summer’s day.

If you’re looking for the freshest of the fresh then head to the market halls and markets. They normally open around eight in the morning and stay open till around two in the afternoon, so take the opportunity and do the big shop before it’s too late. Unless it’s tapas that you’re more interested in, then there are a couple of markets that stay open in the afternoon. However, generally not on Sundays being the day of rest.

Mercado de la Calle Feria

It can prove difficult not stopping on the way along Calle Feria with it’s boutiques, cafés and bars, but stick with it and head up all the way up to Mercado de la Calle Feria. This is one of the oldest market halls in Seville and dates back to the 18th century. Here you can buy fish and fresh vegetables and after all the shopping enjoy tapas and a cold beer.

Mercado de la Encarnación

If you plan to visit The Mushrooms (Metropol Parasol) anyways, why not combine the view of Seville with a trip to the market beneath. Mercado de la Encarnación is the newest and most modern market in town and you’re able to find anything you need here. Afterwards you can either go up to take a look at the view or go down to see the roman ruins found here when construction started.

Mercado del Arenal 

Previously both a convent and a prison, which is still visible looking at the tiles of the facade. This market hall, designed in Andalusian style, takes up a large area and is considered both functional and decorative. There is a mix of gourmet food, fast food and allergy friendly food, thus a market for everyone!

Mercado Lonja del Barranco

This market hall was opened in 2014 and mainly focuses on gourmet food with 20 stalls to choose from. You’ll find it at the start of the Triana bridge and this iron building was actually inspired by Gustave Eiffel, initially thought to have designed the buildning but that’s said to be a rumour. If you can’t find a place to sit inside, there is a terrace with a view of the Guadalquivir river.

Mercado de Triana

If you’d been planning to cross the river and visit Triana, with its world famous ceramic, then don’t miss out on this market. Built over the ruins of Castle of San Jorge this is a place with food stalls, bars and Andalusian culture. There is even an old theatre and other innovative project so this is an experience in itself!

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