Sevilla Panorama

Every year we receive numerous groups that we take on a tour around Seville to get to know the city, discover its hidden treasures and see the most well known monuments. We offer both walking tours and guided bus tours to the sites you absolutely can’t miss!

Our guides have extended knowledge about the history, culture and life both in Spain and Seville. You can choose your own tour or decide together with us which one suits you and your group the best.

We visit places like Plaza de España with its exceptionally beautiful gardens Parque María Luísa and drive where the old walls once were and seeing the parts that are still there today. The bus takes us along the river to see all the bridges that have been built over the years, especially for the World Exhibition in 1992, but also up to Macarena and past the Renaissance church with the same name.

Complete with the bus tour, or on its own, there is a walking tour around the city where we can through Seville’s winding streets and alleyways, which are nice and cool during the heat. You will take part of the history and hear anecdotes well worth knowing. With our local guides we visit the Royal Palace Alcázar, a spectacular palace in a mixed Islamic and Christian design that shows the relationship that existed between the two cultures, its beautiful buildings and lush gardens with labyrinths and fountains. As well as Seville’s Cathedral, the third largest in the world.

Should you wish to spend the whole day with us, we’ll take you to lunch at the most best known places by the Sevillians for some traditional Spanish food. Afterwards, you can enjoy a nice walk through the Jewish quarters of Santa Cruz.

This is merely a snippet of what Seville and we have to offer. We can offer guides in Swedish, English, Italian and Spanish but do contact us for any other language, prices and more information!

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