Art and History

Seville has been designated on UNESCO’s list of world heritage, or more specificly the area around the famous cathedral, the royal castle Reales Alcazares and the General Archive of the Indies where all the documents from the time of conquering America are collected. But even beyond this, the historic and artistic heritage of Seville is impressive and still a strong and important part of its identity.


The city is filled with Roman, Visgothic, Islamic, Jewish and Christian leavings, such as Gothic, Mudejar, Renaissance, Barock, Neo-classic and modern architecture. Artists like Velazquez, Murillo, Gonzalo de Bilbao, Carmen Laffon y Luis Gordillo were all born in Seville. Literature and music has given various Seville-born practitioners the Nobel price and international fame (Vicente Aleixandre, Antonio Machado, Becquer, Turina, Quiroga etc.).Last but not least, Seville is also the cradle of Flamenco, which was appointed immaterial world heritage in October of 2010.


If you have a significant interest in culture and art, Sevilla pa Svenska is happy to offer a route in the south of Spain orientated towards:

  • Archeology (ancient and modern)
  • Lectures in Spanish art history
  • Visits in ateliers, galleries, poetry readings, concerts and other areas that are integrated in the Spanish culture scene.
  • Visits to different culture monuments for a wider and profounder knowledge in the Muslim heritage in Andalusia.
  • Trips to Italica (5 km from Seville), the birthplace of the Roman emperors Trajanus and Hadrianus.

Have you got another idea about what you would like to experience during your trip, concerning culture, art or architecture, that extends from the proposals you can find in the list above, please write to us with your ideas and we will plan a trip adjusted to your wishes!