Seville and Triana, a love divided in two: two banks, two cities. Triana has long been considered its own city and when crossing the bridge you don't head to the other side but to Seville. According to legend, the goddess Astarté, who was being pursued by Hercules, who was blinded by love for her, escaped … Continue reading Triana


You may have noticed the city shield NOȣDO, which may seem modern but is in fact very old. It has been the symbol for the city's logo since the 13th-century and is a hieroglyph with the letters N-O-D-O. During the 13th-century there was an uproar against the king of Seville. However, Seville remained faithful to him and in the … Continue reading NOȣDO

Prehistoric tour in Western Andalusia

A few millennia before the Romans arrived to the Iberian Peninsula, an astonishingly rich culture developed in what today is Western Andalusia and where there are still a number of buildings, graves and treasures. Why here? Well, not only tourists like the Mediterranean climate! When the land wasn't as fertile, access to water and the mild climate were … Continue reading Prehistoric tour in Western Andalusia