Feria de Abril

Seville as a city has a certain character and a very strong personality with its Flamenco, night life, tapas, historty, sun and heat.

You may already know many of these appearances as their typically represent our picture of the Spanish and Andalusian culture.

And this is exactly how it is, here we find the source of the traditional, Spanish identity. Here you will experince the Feria of April, when the orange trees are in full bloom and the people are dressed in the traditional dresses with frills and polka dots and celebrating for a full week. You will have the opportunity to try all the magnificent local tapas typical for the Mediterranean diet, watch genuine Flamenco shows and of course enjoy the warm Andalusian sun!

Life is rich in Seville, there are endless beautiful and interesting places worth visiting and the day is long! Let us take you on a journey you will not forget, designed after your interests and preferences.

Bienvenido! Welcome!