The “bailaora” (flamenco dancer) Carmen Cortes.

During centuries Seville has been, and is still today , the cradle and capital of flamenco.

This is still the place where all the important flamenco events are being held, among them the famous Biennial , organised every two years and is considered the “world champions” of flamenco.

We are experts on the subject, We know the history, the artists and where one should go to be able to see a real and authentic flamenco show.

If you visit Seville on your own, Sevilla pa Svenska can pre-book your tickets to the show, and also accompany you to the theatre. If you travel with a group, we will gladly help you arrange and prepare everything to make it an unforgettable experience.
We can organise an exclusive private show for you and your friends/partners, where you get to meet the artists after the performance.  And choosing this alternative we also offer you a taste of the best Spanish cuisine and the possibility to try the wonderful and famous Spanish wines!

Are you interested in learning to dance flamenco?

Sevilla pa Svenska collaborates with the most successful flamenco artists in Seville and the highest-rated schools in Andalusia.

We arrange Sevillanas courses as a preparation for “La Feria de Abril” and flamenco classes in different styles and rhythms, adjusted to the level of the students.

We can also offer classes in both flamenco guitar and singing.

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