Sevilla Panorama

Every year we receive numerous groups that we take on a tour around Seville to get to know the city, discover its hidden treasures and see the most well known monuments. We offer both walking tours and guided bus tours to the sites you absolutely can't miss! Our guides have extended knowledge about the history, … Continue reading Sevilla Panorama


Forbidden fruit is the sweetest?

Legend has it that the demigod Hercules founded Seville, in addition to stealing an orange ("golden apple of immortality") from the garden of the Hesperides. Whether this is true or not, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Seville is abundant with orange trees, over 40 000 that is. The real truth is that the … Continue reading Forbidden fruit is the sweetest?


You may have noticed the city shield NOȣDO, which may seem modern but is in fact very old. It has been the symbol for the city's logo since the 13th-century and is a hieroglyph with the letters N-O-D-O. During the 13th-century there was an uproar against the king of Seville. However, Seville remained faithful to him and in the … Continue reading NOȣDO

Cycling in Seville – for your health and the environment

Despite some resistance when the bike lane was introduced, Seville is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world today. Appealing for its sunny weather and 160 km long bike lane throughout the metropolitan area, it is also said to be the safest city for cyclists in Spain and has influenced other cities around … Continue reading Cycling in Seville – for your health and the environment