Sports, Nature and Adventure

For nature lovers Seville is ideal. Simply in one hour you could find yourself in the Doñana national reserve and the Sierra de Aracena National Park.

The Doñana National Park, which connect the Seville, Cádiz and Huelva provinces, is an area of marshes that begins at the Guadalquivirs estuary and is one of Europe’s most important havens for the migratory birds. Even the Iberian lynx has chosen to reside in this area. It is also possible to catch a glimpse of the wild horses kept by the villagers and who run free in the area during a large part of the year.

The Sierra de Aracena National Park is the grounds for the Black Iberian pig and you can expect to experience this fantastic landscape with trails and wild animals, among others many different spieces of birds of prey.



Are you interested in horses? We will take you where you will experience Andalusia’s most beautiful stock horses. In these ranches you will have the possibility to ride, see shows and if you are interested in trade we are able to help you.

Sports Activities

Sevilla pa Svenska arranges all sorts of activities, designed just for you: air balloon rides, paint ball, angling, horse back riding, cycle tours, trekking or wild animal watching. Or, why not join us for different water activities such as surfing, parasailing, sailing and so on.