Sun and Spa

Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation!

The Romans used to come to Hispania to bathe in the famous waters one would find here 2000 years ago. Why not do the same?

Get to know the Atlantic coast of Andalusia or the more unexploited beaches along the southern Mediterranean, where the large-scaled tourism yet has not reached.
Sevilla pa Svenska helps you find the place you are looking for in order to relax and feel at ease, while enjoying the heating sun and the view over a marvellous landscape.

Perhaps you prefer being looked after with treatments and baths and at the same time having a moment to disconnect from the everyday stress in a more exclusive way?

We know all the SPA:s and  wellness centres  in the area suitable for your wishes to enjoy the time of peace and tranquility that you have been longing for.

For example, what about a visit to “los baños árabes” (the Arabic baths) where you can relish in the differently temperate pools, the steam saunas, from various types of SPA-treatments and last but not least – a glass of Arabic tea in the explicitly beautiful tea salon.