Feria – The Seville Fair

From the 30 of April to the 6 of May Feria de Abril takes place in Sevilla this year. This means bullfighting at La Maestranza and celebrations in the Feria area. In this area gazebos are built in the style of small houses, casetas, are built and fit with a bar and dance floor. This is because for the duration of a week people will dance, sing and drink. The women dress in traditional flamenco dresses, some so tight it’s almost impossible to visit the restrooms, and it’s like a fashion show since the fashion is new every year. They drink rebujito, a drink with stronger white wine mixed with Sprite, and dance sevillanas, a typical dance from Seville. Many people travel to Feria in a horse and carriage, where both the horses and the carriage are beautifully decorated.

The casetas are built months before and to find the right one once you’re there, you would have to use a map in order not to get lost. The streets all have their own name, each named after famous bullfighters, and the casetas their own house number. It’s an honour to be invited to a private caseta since the Sevillians consider them their home. If you haven’t been invited, there are a number of public casetas. This year, there is also a caseta, on Pascual Márques 225, dedicated to the tourists visiting the city during this week.

This has been done to promote the city as more tourist-friendly during Feria since it was previously considered as a closed-off event not available for tourists and now they want to erase this myth. Another problem they’re having this year, and the same during Semana Santa, is that people are illegally renting out apartments to earn some extra cash during the festivities. The police are continously searching and finding the swindlers in order to avoid more tourists being scammed.

It’s not only this caseta that’s new for this year. The dates have been change so that the fiest will be for two weekends and with an extra day. This so that everyone will be able to enjoy even more of this festival. It starts on the Saturday night with noche del pescaíto, where the custom is to eat fried fish or other fruits from the sea. The same night the big portal is lit up, el Alumbrado del Real de los Remedios, which is another important event for Feria. This years great entrance is dedicated to Expo ’92 because of its 25th anniversary this year. The entire even starts off with fireworks and then the feast can begin!

If this has sparked your interest in visiting this mayhem we can help you find somewhere to stay, the places to go when you’re at the Feria and where to find a flamenco dress!

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